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Abandoned boats

Demacq Recycling give abandoned and worn boats a second life

Recycling abandoned boats

The problem seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Abandoned boats that disfigure ports, canals and canals. Often abandoned by boat owners who could not find buyers and are unwilling to pay the high costs of storing the boat. Demacq Recycling International starts with a pilot to give these boats a new destination.

In 2015, Waterrecreatie Advies BV researched these 'end-of-life' boats. At that time six thousand baots had already been counted and the investigation showed that this number could increase to 35 thousand in the coming years. One of the conclusions was that there was no way to reuse polyester in a useful and cost-effective way. "That was indeed the case at the time," says CEO Cora Burger of Demacq Recycling International. "But since last year Demacq in Moerdijk has a large processing installation for thermoset composites." This complex installation processes large pieces of polyester and other composites into recyclate, recyclate that is then used in the production of dam reinforcement or modern furniture. And in the spring of 2018 the first bridge will be completed in Friesland with recyclate material.

Working together to reduce the amount of unused abandoned boats

As a result of this development, Demacq, together with MVO Nederland, has consulted with the province of Zeeland and HISWA. It has been examined whether the processing installation can be used to reduce the amount of abandoned boatds. The result of this is that Demacq, together with metal processor Van Dalen Moerdijk BV, will soon start a pilot. "We want to see how we can use our knowledge and skills to find a useful solution for these boats. "Marina, municipalities and boat owners can apply to clean up one or more abandoned boats. Because no two boats are the same, Demacq will carry out an inspection on the spot. "As a result of what we find, we provide advice about the possibilities and make an offer. If that is agreed, we pick up the boats and ensure a sustainable re-use. Port managers and boat owners no longer have to worry about it. "

The registered boats that are in a very bad condition and no longer have any value, are transported to Moerdijk. The installation of Van Dalen separates the different materials into separate waste streams of steel, polyester, wood, stainless steel and dust. Van Dalen processes the steel and transports the wood and the sails to special processing plants. The polyester goes to Demacq which then shreds it. "This processing process is a proven method. What is new is that we are now going to apply it to boats for the first time, so that they can be completely recycled for the first time. That is unique for the Netherlands ", continues Burger.

Refurbishing is also an option

Another category are the boats that are too old to sail, but still have useful parts. For those boats it may be a good idea to combine the usable parts of a number of boats into a salable boat, thinks Burger. "We advise on this, select suitable boats and together with the region we organize projects to enable people with a distance to the labor market to gain work experience in shipbuilding in this way. This can be done at a local shipyard, but also at our site in Moerdijk. We also make agreements on how to dispose of the remaining parts. "The last category are the boats that are still relatively good and can be sold after a limited refurbishment. "We will also organize this within the pilot: both the purchase and the refurbishment and the sale."

"As soon as the pilot is up and we have processed the first dozen boats, we can properly estimate the costs and appoint an expected residual value. The pilot also offers us, as a recycling company, the opportunity to shape the cooperation with the region and water sports entrepreneurs. "

Our approach

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