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Cooperation Demacq Recycling and Topwind

Cooperation Demacq Recycling and Topwind

Demacq Recycling and Topwind will work together to recycle wind turbines

More and more wind turbines that are being replaced are no longer suitable for the second-hand market. On the one hand this has to do with the growing supply, but on the other hand wind turbines are often no longer in the suitable technical condition. Recycling wind turbines is no different than dismantling, scrapping and discharging the wind turbine. However, recent years have shown that the way in which this process is carried out has a major impact on safety and the environment. Thanks to the exclusive cooperation between Demacq and Topwind, a professional, safe, but above all a sustainable solution is now offered.

Topwind has been working on the entire project management for the dismantling of wind farms for some time now. "With our years of experience in the field of project realization, we can now completely dismantle the dismantling and the site is delivered in accordance with the requirements. We also ensure that all safety requirements that are normally applied during construction are also guaranteed during disassembly ", says Peter Spruijt, Project Manager at Topwind.

The recycling of wind turbines was not unknown to Topwind; for most materials from a wind turbine, suitable methods were found to be able to use them again. In addition, harmful materials, such as SF6 gases from the switch gears, are removed in a professional manner. For the processing of the wind turbine blades, there was still no suitable solution. "With Demacq, we have found a way to break down wind turbine blades in a sustainable manner and give the recyclate a new use in, for example, bank reinforcement, recyclate for furniture and fiber reinforced concrete. In this way, as a wind industry after the exploitation phase, we once again contribute to a circular and sustainable world, "says Martin van den Bosch, responsible for Marketing & Sales at Topwind.

Demacq is the party that has done research in recent years into the feasibility of recycling thermoset composite in a way that recyclate could be reused. Smaller sheets are removed and processed at the factory. The larger wind turbine blades are initially cut into smaller pieces with a mobile high-quality cold water cutter (4000 bar) using only tap water and sand. This method is dust-free and prevents soil contamination. Multiple sheets can also be disposed of in standard containers. During the final processing the different materials are separated (metal, wood and composite). The thermoset composite of the sheets is processed mixed with other thermoset composite into a new raw material, the so-called recyclate.

"With this method, we can dismantle the waste mountain in a sustainable way and give it a new destination, for example by using it in shelves that serve as shore protection. An additional advantage is that the recyclate increases the strength of the shelf and the expectation is that the product will also last longer. As a Demacq, we want to contribute to a circular and sustainable world. A world that we want to pass on to future generations, "says Cora Burger, CEO of Demacq.