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Who Are We?

Alla swets en Cora Burger, founders of Demacq Recycling International

Alla Swets and Cora Burger come from two very different worlds. Alla has been working in the maritime world for years and Cora has been active in the metal and demolition world for many years.
Both knew that a major problem was arising, namely the environmentally unfriendly way in which thermoset composites (including windmill blades, boats, silo's, production waste etc.) were dealt with!

Storing waste and trying to let it rot away is not an option since the waste will last for at least 500 years.
After research by Demacq, it turned out that recycling and making recycled material more useful is possible.

Cora Burger

CEO Founder

Alla Swets

CEO Founder

Hans Kelderman

Technical Director

Kor Kooistra

Coldwater-cutting specialist

Demacq Recycling International

Research of recycling thermoset composite in a way that the recyclate could be reused.

As Demacq Recycling International BV, we started researching the possibilities of recycling thermoset composite material in a way that the recyclate could be reused.

The research showed that there is great demand for an environmentally friendly solution for this material. In addition, there appeared to be a large supply of thermoset composite waste that needs to be recycled. The supply will continue to increase in the coming years as the lifespan of a large number of windmill blades (20 years), boats (50 years) and silos (30 years) is coming to an end and will be replaced by new ones. The mountain of thermoset composite waste continues to grow and put us (the world) in for a huge challenge.

With Demacq Recycling International we have found a way to dismantle the waste mountain in a sustainable way and give it a new use, for example by using it in shelves that serve as shore protection. An additional advantage is that the recyclate increases the strength of the shelf and the expectation is that the product will last longer as well. In this way, Demacq contributes to a circular and sustainable world. A world that we would like to pass on to future generations.

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