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Demacq Recycling

For greening up the world

Demacq Recycling International wants to contribute to the circular economy through large-scale recycling of thermoset composite products.
Thermoset composite is a plastic that consists of 2 components, fiberglass (mats) and synthetic resin.

Reuse thermoset composites

100% green product by recycling

We would like to make the world a bit greener with you.
Through our collaboration we can fully recycle all cured thermoset composites. These thermoset composites come from both production waste and end-of-life / end-of-use waste.
Demacq Recycling will thus contribute to a greener world. What people see as waste, we see as a raw material for a new product.
This waste is processed into a new raw material that has many applications.

Support us to make the world a bit greener!

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