De grondstoffen worden gebruikt voor het maken van nieuwe producten

Demacq Recycling offers you a 100% green recycling of your product. By making recyclate from your product we avoid a co2 output of 3 ton per 1 ton recyclate.

The recyclate that we make of your product is primarily used in the cement route as described on our website. A small amount of our recyclate will be provided to college’s and study’s  for research for more applications. Demacq guarantees you that your product is not going into landfill or other non-eco-friendly routes.

So how does it work?

The recycling of glass bre-based compos- ite regrind through co-processing in cement kilns is proving to be highly cost effective, is generating valuable materials, and is helping to improve the Ecological foot- print of cement manufacturing by reducing the co2 output with 16 %

Co-processing is the simultaneous use of composite regrind as raw material and as
a source of energy in cement manufacture- ing, replacing natural mineral resources (material recycling) and fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and gas (energy recovery). In this process, the composite regrind used for co-processing is both an alternative fuel and raw material.

Glassfibre thermoset composite parts – originating from part manufacturing or end-of-life components – are cut in smaller sections and processed into small chunks. The resulting regrind is combined with other feedstock materials into an input stream with consistent composition and caloric value.

Co-processing composites through the cement kiln route is considered the best recycling option for glass bre reinforced thermosets (source: “Joint industry position paper on Glass bre reinforced thermosets: recyclable and compliant with the EU legislation”, (June 2011) by EuCIA, ECRC, EuPC, Ce c).

Na het inzamelen en verwerken van het uitgeharde thermohardende composiet blijft een geschikt recyclaat over voor diverse toepassingen in de industrie. Voordelen van ons proces is het besparen van energie en kosten voor veel productieprocessen van materiaal.

Heeft u interesse in het toepassen van ons recyclaat in uw product? Neem dan contact met ons op voor verdere informatie en /of een gratis proefmonster.
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